About me

I am a life-long learner, a problem solver, a {placeholder}.

I work as an engineer in the Core account team, Core banking domain at Klarna’s Stockholm office.

I have an unnatural talent for finding bugs (even when not actively hunting).

I believe that in the long run the time invested in learning better tools pays off significantly.

My preferred stack

My web presence

You should follow me on GitHub, Mastodon (yay, Fediverse or Twitter if you’re still stuck in the Adverse like me) and Goodreads.

I try to share my knowledge on stackoverflow and Reddit, mostly /r/Surface, /r/WindowsPhone, /r/Clojure.

I’m in the top 500 on 4clojure.

My ORCID identifier is 0000-0002-1180-2725.


I attend some events on Meetup.

About this site

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My contact info

… is at the bottom of every page:

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+47 76 526 00 50
+359 88 602 22 93
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