An Office 365 success story

The other day I was spell-checking a 400-page document for my father (he’s an ecologist). The document was full of Latin names and technical terminology, so I was doing a lot of ‘Add to dictionary’.

300 pages in, my father realized he had to do something on his computer right now, so I moved to my computer to finish the job. All the words that I had added to his dictionary over the last several hours were of course not present on my computer, so Word showed all of them as misspelled.

I then remembered that Office 2013 syncs settings (like color theme) across devices.
So I wondered, does it sync custom dictionaries? You bet it does!

I signed-in with my father’s account on my computer, opened the document and voilà - the first suspected misspellings are on page 304, not 15.

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27 February 2015     +359 88 60 222 93 UTC+2     @jbiserkov