into a GitHub Pages website in 2 steps is a plain text file in the root directory that describes a repository.

By default sites like GitHub and BitBucket will display its content prominently on the repository page.

But what if the information in the README is the reason the repository exists in the first place.

And what if you want to display this information front and center, without all the navigation and headers and widgets above it. Yet you still want to keep the GitHub backend, in case someone wants to contribute to it.

Step 1: Add an index.html file like this one to your repository.

Step 2: Go to your repo’s settings, scroll down to the ‘GitHub Pages’ section, choose ‘master branch’ from the ‘Source’ dropdown and hit ‘Save’.

Voila! The content of your README should now be accessible at the

Bonus step: Customize the markup and style of your index.html to your liking.

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22 November 2016     +359 88 60 222 93 UTC+2     @jbiserkov