New Year Resolutions 2019 for me and you

Note: I am NOT affiliated with any of the companies/services mentioned below.

Consume less, produce more

This applies to everything - from food to energy, information and entertainment.


Own your online presence.

Instead of your content will reside on - your own site/blog. You will need to buy your own domain name. I recommend Gandi - they are a French company and their moto is ‘No Bullshit’.


Instead of your address will be shorter and better looking.
Also it will drive traffic to your website, not GMail’s.


Create your own website/blog instead.


It’s owned by Facebook. Enough said.

#DeleteWhatsApp / #DeleteFbMessenger

It’s owned by Facebook. Use your own email or Signal instead.


Join Mastodon instead.


Use Mozilla Firefox instead.

Protect yourself against surveillance

Use a VPN

I recommend ProtonVPN. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Even the free version is great.
If you decide to buy it, the 2-year option will give you a 33% discount.

Be mindful of what information you share online

This includes information that you actively share, as well things you share passively. Which brings us to

Install the following browser extensions

Mandatory Display resolutions joke:

Type Model Resolution Diagonal DPI Refresh rates
GSM Razer phone 1 1440x2560   5.7 inches 515 120 Hz
Laptop Surface Book 2 3000x2000 13.5 inches 267 60 Hz
Desktop Samsung CF791 3440x1440 34.0 inches 110 100 Hz
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01 January 2019

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